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Colorful Cotton Candy Nails


Summer is almost here, and we’re getting ready for a season of fairs and carnivals. Can’t decide which one of the spring pastels to use? Why not use all of them and create this colorful cotton candy nails!

All you need is a makeup sponge wedge, a white nail polish and some pastel colors of your choice to create this fun and easy design.

I didn’t have many pastels, so I just used the following colors and mixed them 50/50 with white nail polish to create my own softer shades.
Color List:
Deborah Lippmann – Amazing Grace 
China Glaze – Happy Go Lucky
China Glaze – Bahamian Escape
China Glaze – Gothic Lolita 
Essie – First Timer
Julep – Lauren

After your base coat, use the white polish and paint a “primer” layer, the white will help the pastel colors pop. Once the white layer is dry, drip a few drops of the pastel color and stipple the color onto your nails. Do this with each pastel color while making sure the previous color is semi dry before you stipple on the next, and finish off with a top coat.




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