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Nail Charms: Seashells & Diamonds & Many More!

Time flies! We’ve been busy with so many things and didn’t really have the time to blog recently. Just want to share the new nail charms we finally got in our Etsy Shop today because they are sososososo adorable! This post will just be some picture spam with lots of sparkles. xD

Here are some of my favorites. Which are yours?

nail decoration charm cross  3d nail charm infinity bow

3d nail charm crystal crown  3d nail charm skull crossbone

3d nail charm beetles  3d nail charm apple red

red heart nail charm decor  3d nail decor charm oval gem

3d nail charm diamond  3d nail studs seashell gold silver

The 3D diamonds also come in silver and I can’t wait to wear them! More charms can be found HERE.

Have a lovely day ❤



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