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Silver Square Stud Nail Designs

Happy weekend!

Look No 1. Studded denim nails

For @californails’ April nail art challenge on Instagram “Match OOTD,” I chose to do a studded denim shirt inspired manicure. I have been searching for a cute denim shirt for the longest time and finally found one I really like at H&M. I think it’s really cute and the light color is perfect for summer! 😀


The design is pretty simple and easy.

I painted a base color with OPI’s Can’t Find my Czechbook and painted another layer of white nail polish over it. After the nails are dry, I used a brush dipped in acetone to gently wash off the white layer to create the dyed denim look.  I also added some Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in the Air to match the dotted tank top I was wearing.

I used silver square studs to match the silver studs on the shirt. Simply place the studs over undried nail polish and seal off with a topcoat.


What’s Used:

OPI Where’s my Czechbok

Essie Blanc

Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air

Seche Vite Topcoat

Small brush


Silver Square Studs 


Look No 2. Black Punk Cross Nail


Here is a nail spine design I did. I wanted something punk rock with black and silver colors and here it is! I used the studs to make a cross as well as nail tapes and glitters. Added a holo glitter as additional accent. I think the look is very simple and classy but somewhat fun with the glitters. 😛


You can find the silver square studs for sale here. The nail set will also be available soon.

Cheers to warmer weather!

-a studded charme


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