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Sweet Nail Polish & Cosmiss Nail Polish Swatch/Review

Hellos! Today we have two swatches of nail polishes from Born Pretty Store.

The first swatch is No. 16 from Cosmiss’ Candy Color Glitter Sparkle Yogurt Series and it’s a gorgeous pastel pink, almost nude, creme with blue/pink hex glitters and tiny silver glitters. I love the combination of the glitters with the soft pink base. The baby pink and baby blue glitters goes perfectly with each other. The polish is packed with glitters and it was very easy to apply. I did 2 coats for the swatch and the dry time was okay. One thing people might find weird is probably the smell of the polish. The smell reminds me of E.L.F. nail polishes. Some might find the smell weird and not like it but some people feels its okay. 



The second polish is No. S113 from Sweet Color’s Eco-Friendly Glitter Shimmer Candy collection. I love this gold glitter bomb! The polish is packed with copper gold holo glitters in various sizes and the formula was great. I only applied 1 coat for the swatch and it already look gorgeous in person. You can easily do another coat for maximum coverage. The copper gold holo glitters are very unique and super sparkly! The dry time was very fast and it smells less than the Cosmiss nail polish.  Here is the link to the collection.



For those who never shopped at BPS before, it’s an Asia based company that sells all sorts of nail/makeup products and even cute stationary. We’ve had great experiences shopping for nail related products from Born Pretty Store and definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for some nail accessories or decors. It does take few weeks to receive the orders due to international shipping so the free shipping they offer is a great plus.

To get 10% off your order from Born Pretty Store, use DAG10 during checkout. Cheers!

*Product(s) in this post were provided by the company/PR for swatch/review.*


5 thoughts on “Sweet Nail Polish & Cosmiss Nail Polish Swatch/Review

  1. I too have the yoghurt polish, I haven’t swatched it yet but it look beautiful. You got the good bottle!! So jealous!

  2. Thanks to your picture I got a cosmiss polish to! I also ordered from your etsy store and was very happy with the products! Thanks!

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