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Bright Floral Nails With Water Decals

Bright Floral Nails With Water Decals

I can’t believe its been more than a month since our blog post! We’ve both been so busy trying to release our fall collection of Charme Lacquers that neither of us really had the time to do any lasting nail art for the blog!

I rarely use our own water decals because I change my manicure so often I didn’t want to waste the decals. However, the new shipment came in and since we had a ton extras I was tempted to use one on myself. It’s absolutely freaking gorgeous if I have to say so myself! I honestly cannot stop looking at my nails, and I think the mini stiletto shape really works well with the vintage look. I’m really in love and is now considering using water decals at least once a week, haha!

This decals I’m using is the bright pink vintage roses set, clicking the photo will link you to the direct listing 🙂


6 thoughts on “Bright Floral Nails With Water Decals

  1. First things first, I so missed all of your lovely posts! I thought you guys were done blogging and were just focusing on your nail line, but as soon as I saw this post come up on my dashboard I got so excited! So glad to see you back, and of course the decal looks so gorgeous! Also is that your natural nail, or do you have acrylics on top to create that shape? If it’s your natural nail, I am so jealous!

    • Aww sorry about abandoning our blog for so long! Running an online shop is like a second job haha… but we hope to be back now that our fall collection is released and post more nail art 🙂 Thank you so much for being such a wonderful reader and always leaving comments! It is my natural nail xD They were getting pretty long a while back so I decided to file them into stilettos for fun. Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

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