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Brush Strokes in Pastels


It’s Monday already! Although I’m no longer wearing this design, I would like to introduce this painterly/marbled look to you all.

I’ve recently been obsessed with this technique, it’s rather easy to execute but have the appearance of a rather intricate design. I know they don’t really look the same but this is much easier (for me anyway) than water marbling!  It’s also a super fun way to use different polishes when I couldn’t pick just one and I really love the outcome.

This is the pastel version and I’ve done another set with a darker palette which I hope to show you in a future blog post. When you pick your own colors, try to use two different finishes to add visual texture to the combination. For example, I used two cremes and a shimmer, and it really adds depth to the various layers, especially under the sun 🙂

For this design, I used a striping brush and the following colors:
Essie – Mademoiselle (nude base)
Zoya – Happi (shimmery pinkish color)
Zoya – Rocky (blue)
Zoya – Ziv (gold)
China Glaze – Tart-y For The Party (lavender)


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