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Simple Summer Nails with Neon Rainbow Studs


These super cute neon studs arrived this week just in time for the summer, and they’re even cuter than I expected! I did a simple rainbow gradient against both black and white, love them both but I tend to wear black nail polish a lot more than white.

Speaking of black nail polish, I’m going to have to go buy another bottle of black onxy again because it’s running out, again! This is the second bottle already, the only one aside from top/base coats that i’ve gone beyond the first bottle.

Anyway, I see so much possibilities with these colorful studs, and I’m already thinking up new designs with them! These studs are now available in our Etsy shop, we’re selling them in sets of 120 pieces, with 20 of each color so you can make your own rainbows πŸ™‚



The colors I used:
Black – OPI Black Onxy
White – Deborah Lippmann Amazing Grace


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