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Retro Dots with OPI’s Neon Revolution

I’m usually reluctant to buy these mini sets of polishes because the moment I take them out of the box the tiny bottles would disappear into my desk. But I ended up buying this because I kind of love the packaging and wanted to add some bright colors to my stash.To my surprise, the polishes are more like jellies and are rather transparent, (perhaps that’s why they’ve included a white primer color). So if you get this set, definitely use the white, it will really make the colors pop.

People usually don’t see black as a highlighting color, but I think in this case of lights and brights, adding a dash of black would really pull the colors together. I tried one finger with white center but light against light just didn’t give that color boost this bright manicure needed.

Because the steps to this nail design is pretty straight forward, I decided to try and make a “stop-motion” type of tutorial using Instagram videos. I kind of wish Instagram would give the option to not record sound, hopefully that would be an option in the near future πŸ™‚

CLICK HERE Β for the video!


The OPI Neon Revolution Mini Pack retails for $19.95 on


6 thoughts on “Retro Dots with OPI’s Neon Revolution

  1. OPI is definitely one of my favorite brands for nail polish! How would you say these neons stand up to other brands? I always find that neons are so disappointing because they aren;t bright enough.

    • It’s one of mine too! I’ve never really bought other neons so it’s hard to for to tell you if this one is better than others. However, the neons in this set are all jellies, and you have to use it over a white base to make the colors brighter. I’d say they’re pretty close to highlighter colors, but don’t glow or anything like that πŸ™‚

      PS, the neon-est of all the polishes I have is a color club’s special for Birchbox named London Calling. It was literally glowing in the dark without the actual glow. But the color is very unflattering for my skin tone so I never use it :p

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