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Lace & Hearts <3


Mani Monday again! Back in the office after a 4 day weekend, well rested and ready to work. It’s far too early (or late?) for Valentine’s Day nails, but I was looking through Instagram and saw a corset/lace nail design by @namunails from some days back and it was so unique that I had to try it myself!

The base color is OPI’s I Theodora You from their Oz collection, I’ve been trying to not buy more nail polishes but wanted that shade for a long time, and finally caved last week and bought it. It’s a super cute pink jelly, more pink and opaque compared to Essie’s Mademoiselle, which is great if you want to build some color.

I’ve been using Mademoiselle like crazy lately because I’m obsessed with cut out designs, and I think the lace nails would look better if I had used a less pinkish tone, but I Theodora you looks great underneath the red hearts!

The shear lace part is made by mixing black polish with clear (I used nail polish base but you can use any clear polish). FYI, it only takes a little bit of black to tint the clear base. Everything is done with a striping brush and a dotting tool.

Colors I used:
OPI – I Theodora You
OPI – Onyx
OPI – Big Apple Red
Clear nail polish



2 thoughts on “Lace & Hearts <3

  1. Hi! Here from Reddit. I wanted to know, when you’re mixing the translucent black, do you pour a little of both polishes in some kind of bowl? Or how do you go about that? Thanks 😀

    • Hi there! Thank you for visiting our blog 🙂

      I have a silicon mat that I work on so I just put a few drops of both colors and mix it on there. You can use foil, or if you’re looking for something reusable, those small silicon cupcake baking cups works perfectly also. Dried polish is easily peeled off from silicon surfaces so it makes cleaning up super easy!

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