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Tutorial: Color correcting stained nails for a healthy, natural look!


If you like to paint your nails, it’s inevitable that one day you will run into that one nail polish that stains your nails badly, no matter what kind of great base coat you use. One day I decided to try the Sinful Color’s new Sinful Shine line, and specifically this gorgeous emerald, Mr. Kryptonite. I wore it for 2 days, and upon removal my nails was covered with this disgusting yellow/green hue that would not come off no matter how many times I wiped it with acetone, a stain that lasted me several weeks if not more.

Although my nails were always slightly stained, even though I always use a base coat (moved from Orly’s Bonder to now OPI’s Nail Envy), but never were they stained this badly! I know I can just keep them lacquered up and wait for it to grow out, but then I became infatuated with these cut out nail designs which would require healthy looking natural nails.

It was around that time that I started to use OPI Nail Envy underneath all my manicures, but more so because I was getting small cracks on the edges and hoped Nail Envy will make my nails resistent to the cracks. However, I was positively surprised at the healthy glow Nail Envy gave my stained nails, after two coats my nails were glossy and smooth, it was even better than any other ridge filler I’ve tried! But Nail Envy alone was not enough, because the stains were still visible. Once the two coat dried, I used two coats Essie’s Mademoiselle. It’s a super sheer light pink jelly that really helps to whiten staines, think of it as a BB Cream for your nails!

The photo above was taken around the time I had super stained nails, and after two coats of Nail Envy + two coats of Mademoiselle, you really can’t tell it’s stained anymore! The nails look healthy and smooth, with a pink glow to it. I wish I had taken a photo of what my nails look like without the color correction, but I hadn’t thought of that at the time and I don’t think I want to intentionally stain my nails again 😀

So in short, to color correct stained nails: 
– 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy
– 2 coats of Essie Mademoiselle

Below are some of the cut out designs I mentioned. We may not always be able to maintain a set of stain-free nails, but with a little bit of work we can all have the appearance of it!




4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Color correcting stained nails for a healthy, natural look!

    • Thank you! My nails naturally don’t peel but they did break along the edge from time to time. I highly recommend OPI’s Nail Envy, I now use it as my base coat and my nails haven’t cracked in weeks (knocks on wood :P)

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