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Sparkling Metallic Nail Foils


Our nail foils finally arrived! These little magical sheets of sparkling colors gives your nails that metallic (sometimes holographic!) shine most nail polishes cannot.

This nail design was created with three different foils. It was my first time using nail foils and there were so many colors so it was difficult to choose which ones to use. I initially did a black base color, but decided to change to a nude base after because I wanted to try for a softer color combination. I’m glad I picked that turquoise foil, it really accents the warm color palette.


Using these foils was a bit tricky at first, because you have to press them onto your painted nails when the polish is still slightly tacky to the touch. But I made the mistake of pressing them on when the polish is not dry enough and smeared it on the first few attempts. Once you get the hang of it though, it’s becomes a rather simple process of gently pressing the foil onto your nail and removing it, the color on the foil will stay behind on your nails.

We’re selling these gorgeous nail foils, set of 5 for $5.99 in our Etsy Shop! 



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