Ipsy June 2013 Glam Bag Review


Hello June! I finally received my Ipsy glam bag for June and I’ll have to say I am pretty happy with the items I got this month. This month’s theme is wild and they definitely achieved that with the cute neon leopard bag, the glitter cream palette, and the false eye lashes.

Whether I will use them anytime soon is another story but I feel the $10 I spent for this month is pretty worth it!

I really like the CAILYN eyeliner gel and the NYX blush!


Items I got:

1 Cailyn’s Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner in Iron. Value $21

2 NYX’s Mosaic Powder in Dare. Value $7

3 Starlook’s Lip Pencil in Tickle Me Pink. Value $12

4 J Cat’s Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta. Value $4.49

5 J Cat’s Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue EL 79. Value $3.99


I really like the Gel Eyeliner! I’ve never heard of the brand Cailyn before and I am really excited to get a new eye liner gel because my Maybelline one is kinda all dried up. The bottle is really well designed as it includes a soft brush with the gel, very convenient. I also llove how it’s not a black black color but its a softer dark grey with subtle shimmers. The soft brush also made it very easy to apply and less likely for me to mess up. It kind of looks like eyeliner pencil when applied but with finer and smoother lines. It also didn’t smudge on me which is rare because my eyes usually get pretty oily toward the end of the day.


The glitters looked pretty in the palette but I am not so sure if I will ever get the chance to be so wild and sparkly with my eye shadows. Same with the false eye lashes, the style is VERY bold for me as I have very Asian eyes but the quality of the lashes is pretty nice, soft and easy to put on. The glue comes with the lashes is black and latex free.


A closeup of the eyeliner gel and the lip pencil. I never use lip pencils but this color is really cute! It’s very pigmented and glides on very easily.

I still have to try the NYX blush but I already like them on my arm, haha. But definitely something I will use so I am happy with it.

Overall, I am happy with Ipsy’s June Glam Bag but I will probably cancel it because I feel I need to save money to buy things I actually really need right now. Anyways, the whole beauty product subscription experience was exciting and fun. But I really think Ipsy should spend more time to put together products that actually reflect to people’s profile . Like…. a more natural false eye lashes style since I chose “natural” style in my survey, lol.

Cheers to June!



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