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Monday Mani – Gradient Mismatch


Monday Mani! I’ve been in somewhat of a nail art slump lately and wanted to do something new and vibrant to start off the week.

The weekend was spent on setting up my little closet “studio” so I can have storage space for my growing collection of nail polish related things, and also a place where I can set up lights to take photos. I finally don’t have to wait for weekend daylights to do swatches, how exciting!

This design on my thumb was the first, and really the only one I’d planned out. I’ve never tried this kind of flipped gradients but I think it turned out pretty nice. My right hand thumb actually has a smoother gradient this time since I jabbed this thumb on the keyboard twice and failed at trying to fix it.

I’ve had these 2mm round studs forever but for whatever reason never used them myself. They really add the finishing touch to this nail design. [These studs are available in our etsy shopΒ in both gold & silver]


I had to clean out the rest of the closet so didn’t have the time to do the same designs on my right hand, so I went for a simpler design with similar color scheme.


All five left fingers together in one photo, the pattern on my ring finger is my absolute favorite πŸ™‚



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