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Ipsy Glam Bag May 2013 Spring Fling with Zoya GeiGei


Better late than never, so here is the review for Ipsy Glam Bag May 2013. I was so excited to know that Ipsy is giving Zoya polishes for May and I subscribed to my first Ipsy bag immediately. I researched online for the products included in this month and found so many great reviews. It took almost two weeks to receive my bag and to be honest I wasn’t very thrilled with the products I received:

Zoya Nail Polish GeiGei

Pacifica perfume Island Vanilla

Yaby Concealer refill in Vanilla

Mirabella Sheer Lipstick in Pixie

Anastasia Clear Eyebrow Gel

I do like the Zoya GeiGei that I got as part of Zoya’s Lovely Spring 2013 Collection, and I am glad I didn’t get Zoya Blu, which I own and is also from the Spring collection.

Zoya Nail Polish in GeiGei can be best described as a full-coverage, blushing cherry blossom pink metallic. A shimmery light shade for an always-appropriate natural pink nail look. Originally created as a custom runway shade for fashion designer Zang Toi.

It’s a very cute cool-tone baby pink with silver shimmers. I don’t love the color on my skin tone but I like the color nonetheless. This picture is 3 coats without topcoat. The formula was easy to apply and dry time was good. I find it not that “full-coverage” as described on the official website and you can see it’s still a bit transparent at 3 coats. I didn’t bother to put on a 4th coat.

zoya geigei

This is 2 coats under fluorescent light.

zoya geigei


As for the other products I received:

Pacifica perfume Island Vanilla – I am not a fan of vanilla scents and I was really hoping to get the “Tahitian Garden” scent instead. I think I would’ve really loved that one! Anyone want to swap? lol. Gave this one a try and the perfume is strong and very long-lasting.

Yaby Concealer refill in Vanilla – The color is a bit too light for my shade but I like how it’s not greasy on the skin.

Mirabella Sheer Lipstick in Pixie – I remember choosing lip gloss instead of lipstick in the Ipsy survey because I never wear lipsticks. I saw some people received the lip gloss but I got a lipstick in a bright coral instead. I’m debating if I should just give this away or give it a try… ?

Anastasia Clear Eyebrow Gel – I seriously have no idea why I received this because I have no idea what it’s for. I researched a little and turns out it’s suppose to help with unruly brows. I don’t think I have brow control problems so I’m not sure what to do with this either. xD

Overall, I think I might have expected too much for my first Ipsy bag and was hoping for more skin/hair care products that they had for this month. I really wanted to try the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment! I think the Ipsy glam bag value is very nice but I rather spend the $10 on products I will actually like and use. Maybe I have to redo the Ipsy survey again and give the June bag another shot then decide if I want to continue with this subscription.

Anyways, happy Charme looking forward for a great June . 🙂


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