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May Nail Design Roundup: Can’t Get Enough of Pastels!

Hellos! Today I have for you pastels. The weather is getting warmer and I love wearing pastel colors on my nails to match it. Here are some pastel manis I did in May and I think they’ll be cute for summer, too!

1. First up is a colorful pastel watercolor mani. I used many colors for this one and I just casually layered them together and added China Glaze’s Fairy Dust for a sparkly finish. Wish I used a more pastel pink and coral for a even lighter look.

pastel rainbow watercolor nails summer spring 2013

2. This one I used Essie’s Blanc, OPI’s Gargantuan Green and China Glaze’s Lemon Fuzz. This is actually my first attempt at cloud mani and I think it turned out pretty nice. Mixed in some polka dots, flowers and stripes. This is what happens when I don’t know what to do with my nails… xD

summer pastel yellow blue cloud nails

3. Pastel French with Flowers. This look was inspired by beautiful nails from Japanese manicurist on Instagram. I had the most horrible time painting these due to various reasons… (ex. super gooey dried up white polish, smudging nonstop, being harassed by giant fly in the house). I guess hard work does pay off eventually. Seize the Nailย featured this mani on her Instagram and we are super happy and thankful! Definitely visit Seize the Nail, if you haven’t already, for beautiful nail arts!

cute summer pastel french nails manisure flowers

4. Here I attempted a semi half moon look with Zoya Piper and added some Zoya Ziv for accents. Definitely need more practice doing half-moons! Really like the color though. ๐Ÿ˜€

zoya piper pastel pink polish half moon nail gold flower

5. Last is a pastel blue with leopard prints and glitters. I used Zoya’s Blu, Fei Fei, and Essie’s Licorice and Set in Stones. I really liked this one because it’s a soft pastel but with a more edgy look. It was very easy to paint and lasted without any chipping for almost a week! ๐Ÿ˜€

pastel blu leopard glitter nails summer 2013

Hope you had a great Memorial day weekend and a good May with some cute pastels along with it. What’s your favorite pastel color? ๐Ÿ™‚

Pasteled Charme


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