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Zoya Earth Day Haul Swatches & Review Part 1


We couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the Zoya Earth Day Exchange, it was such a great deal that we each bought 14 polishes! These are our very first Zoya polishes, and I can say that I love every single one that I bought. Wonderful colors, and more importantly, the formula is great and consistent!


Ziv – This is probably my 6th gold nail polish, I can never have enough of them!
Ziv is unique because it’s a mixture between glitter & metallic polish. It goes on smoothly without visible brush strokes, but you can see small specks of gold, which gives it a very nice shimmer under the sun but . The forumla is wonderful, the gold is dense enough that one coat would provide full coverage! The photo above is two coats under natural light. This is definitely one of my favorites from the entire haul, love it!


Logan – Super shimmery green with golden micro glitters, it’s especially pretty under the sun! Formula is great, two coats for full coverage and fast drying time!


Moxie – This is a red creme with a blue undertone. It has a very glossy finish even without top coat. Two coats for full coverage, again, great formula and fast drying time.


Wednesday – This turquoise creme is slightly similar to Essie’s Where’s My Chauffeur? except the formula is infinitely better! It dries in a brighter shade than it appears in the bottle. Two coats for full coverage, great forumla.


Bevin – Another creme, Bevin is like a muted version of Wednesday. I would probably realistically wear Bevin on its own a lot more frequently, it really goes well with my skin tone! Again, wonderful forumla and great coverage.


Paloma – This looks like a jelly version of Moxie. I’ve never owned a jelly polish before so I decided to buy one and try it out. The first photo is 1 coat, and the picture below is after three coats. I actually really love the finish, it looks as if I dipped my nails in a jar of raspberry jam. Because this is a jelly, it will take more coats for full coverage which mean it will take longer to dry.



Yara – A smokier, dustier green with shimmer in comparison to Logan, but pretty nonetheless. The shimmer is mostly gold, it really compliments the smokey green.


Skylar – It’s a gorgeous dusty blue with mostly silver and some gold shimmer. The blue isn’t as bright and as eye catching, but the shimmer look really great under the sun. It dries completely smooth and the forumla is great.


Lotus – I was debating between this and Tru, they’re such similar shades that I couldn’t justify buying both since I was already buying so many polishes. In the end I picked this smokier purple with red/pink shimmer. Like Skylar, Lotus looks very pretty in person and under the sun, the shimmer really is something that’s difficult to capture with a camera.


Storm – Opaque black with silver micro glitter, it is the night sky, the galaxy in a bottle, what’s not to love? Storm was actually the entire reason I bought all these Zoya polishes, I’ve been lusting after this shade for a long time but didn’t want to pay for shipping to just get one polish. This is seriously a gorgeous black, and ever prettier in person.

Now that I have the chance to look over all the swatches, considering my natural bias toward cremes, I’m surprised at how many shimmers & glitters I picked out for this purchase! Zoya makes them so attractive and absolutely irresistible.


6 thoughts on “Zoya Earth Day Haul Swatches & Review Part 1

      • ur swatches are beautiful!!! i havent even opened all of my earth day haul yet with the exception of Storm (nail polish addict problems lol) but im excited about micky!

      • Thank you!!! ❤ I waited a long while before I swatched them all and made the post too, haha too many polishes and not enough nails to paint!

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