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Tutorial: Classic with a Flair, Half Moon & French Tips

The half moon with French tip is a combination of two of my favorite simple yet classic nail designs. The versatile manicure works great with different colors, it could be the perfect office mani or one to accessorize your outfit for the night out.

For this tutorial, I used OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff and ONYX for a classic black & white design.

Items you need:

  • Nail polish remover (to clean the brush)
  • A piece of paper or foil
  • Striping brush
  • Base coat
  • OPI- My Vampire Is Buff
  • OPI – Onyx
  • Top coat

Always start with a good base coat, I like to use Orly’s Bonder.

Drip a few drops of OPI – Onyx onto paper or foil, and use the striping brush to create the half moon. I find it easier to outline the shape before filling in the space. Also, make sure that your polish isn’t too thick/tacky, that will make it harder to control the bristles of the brush.

Clean the brush and with the second color, outline the middle section and fill in the space, make sure to leave some space on the top for the French tip. It’s easier for me to create a smooth line along the half moon if I do it in two brush strokes, both from the outer edge towards the center.

With a clean striping brush, fill in the top gap to create a French tip. Let it dry completely and finish with a top coat.

Ta-da! All done! A perfect manicure to prepare you for the work week.


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