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Color Block Nails with Zoya Polishes


Happy Friday!

My Zoya Earth Day haul came in the other day, they were my very first Zoya polishes and I was so excited that I couldn’t  pick which ones I want to use first. I’ve been wanting to try this color block design for a while so I figured it’d be the perfect opportunity to use several of the new colors I got!

Initially I picked Wednesday for the moons, Lotus for the center section and Moxie/Storm for the French tops. Lotus dried darker than I anticipated, I guess I was hoping for a dustier purpler  to soften the rather brilliant Wednesday. After I finished with my right hand, I decided to try a different middle section color, something softer.

The photo below is my right hand, painted with my left. The lines are wonky, I wish I had a steadier left hand!


The nails turned out to be a lot more retro looking than I was expecting, which color combo do you like more?

The colors I used are all from Zoya:

  • Lotus
  • Moxie
  • Wednesday
  • Storm
  • Piper



4 thoughts on “Color Block Nails with Zoya Polishes

  1. this morning i saw a similar design that jessica washick did — i’m so obsessed with this look! my nails are neither the right length (the nailbeds i mean) nor the right shape to sport it but i still must know how you did it… any luck that you’ll do a tutorial on this mani? 🙂

    • I just googled Jessica Washick (I didn’t know who she was xD) and wow it totally is a similar design! I think this nail design would be suitable for even short nails though!

      I will try my best to do a tutorial if I have time over the weekend, please check back 😉

      • yeah it was such a coincidence that i saw them on the same day, but yours confirmed to me that i wasn’t just responding to the neon in jessica’s (i am a neon fiend lol). it’s not just that my nails are short — lots of folks have short nails and pull off awesome art — but my nail beds themselves are short, too. it makes french tips and moon manis tough for me to work, and this is both at the same time. so it will take some tweaking on my part, which is why i’m hoping for a tutorial. i will check back, thank you!

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