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Fabulous Nails with Water Decals

Floral Water Transfer Nail Decal

SUMMER is almost here, that means we need nails to match the blooming flowers and warmer days! We’ve recently discovered and became obsessed with these awesome water transfer decals, they’re like magical temporary tattoos for your nails that lasts up to a week!

These water transfer decals have designs that range from simple stripes to super fancy baroque floral patterns. They’re similar to nail wrap stickers, but from personal experience, lasts longer because the edges won’t flare up which cause me to pick at them.


Here is a quick tutorial for the simple application process:

1. The decals come in 12 pieces with different sizes for each nail, separating the pieces you want to use will make the process easier later on. 

2. Prep your nails with a base coat if you ‘d like, but let it completely dry before applying the decals. Soak the decal in water for about 15 seconds, starting from the black handle bar, peel them off from the paper backing. They should come off easily, if the decal is still sticking to the paper, just soak it back into the water for a bit longer. Do not pull on it too hard or the decal will rip. 

3. Position them on your nail, once it’s in place, use a cotton swab or paper towel to dab off the excess water. The decals will not be very sticky and tend to move around, so use a pressing motion instead of wiping so avoid moving the decals out of place. 

4. Leave the decal to air dry for several minutes. They should stick a bit better now that they’re dry, but still remember to be gentle, they will move around if you nudge them too much. 

5. Fold the excess decal over your nail and gently, in a downward motion, file off the extra. 

6. Seal the deal with one, or two coats of a top coat. We like to use a fast drying top coat such as the Seche Vite or Sally Hansen Fast Drying Top Coat to minimize the wait time. Make sure to wrap the top coat over the tip/edge of your nails because the decal might curl up a bit if you don’t. 

The top coat will “melt” the decal so it essentially become a layer of paint on your nails. This is what prevents these awesome decals to not peel like the traditional nail wraps! So make sure you use a top coat or the decals will come off the moment you wash your hands.

These flowers are so pretty, I wish I could wear these forever ❤
Buy them from our Etsy Shop and wear the set or use a few for accent nails!
Floral Water Transfer Nail Decals



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