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March Birchbox Man Review


When I subscribed to my Birchbox, I decided to buy a gift subscription to the men’s version for my husband so we could both get something in the mail every month.

This was the first box he received. It came at the same time as my April box and I’m not sure why it’s still March’s box when many other people already got the box from April.

Since the men’s box is double the price, at $20 a month, there are definitely more items per box compared to mine. I have a feeling that they gear this box towards “stuff” instead of skincare / cosmetic samples.

What’s in the box:

  • Two square coasters
  • Wooden bottle opener (I really like this thing, looks super simple and cool!)
  • Cover thingy for bottled beer?
  • GO247 body wash sample (Smells amazing! But I think the full size is $16? Too expensive for a body wash!)
  • Cartier perfume sample

Unfortunately, the body wash was leaking all over the place when it arrived, but thankfully it was inside a zipped bag! I mentioned this to Birchbox on Instagram and they asked me to send them an email so they could help me. They replied the next day saying that the body wash sample was no longer in stock, but they credited my account with 100 points (worth $10 in their shop!) to make up for it.

It honestly wasn’t a huge issue to begin with, and wouldn’t have me cancel the subscription. But their quick and friendly customer service definitely made their product something I can recommend to others!

Overall I think the box is pretty neat and $20 isn’t too much for what we received in return, but I’m rather unsure about long term subscription to this box because most of the items are non-consumable (as in they don’t runout), and neither of us like to have random things sitting around at home. I mean… the bottle cover looks neat but how practical is it really?



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