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Chanel Inspired Nail Design


We finally received these adorable gold CHANEL logos, time for a mani inspired by the classic CHANEL color combo.

I initially planned for quilted nails, but after about two fingers I decided that it was not going to dry before I had to go to bed. After starting over, I decided to just go with classic black and white with the gold logo. I really love the way it turned out, though I do wish I did a better job on the bottom white line!

Floral accent nails were added to lighten up the design, giving it a spring flair.

These gold CC logos look great against a solid black background, but they’re entirely flat so the edges do tend to stick up and get caught in things like your hair. I used a toothpick to press the edges down before the polish is completely dry, and used 3 layers of top coat to make sure they’re flush against the nails.

Want your own luxurious CHANEL mani? Logos are for sale in our etsy shop 🙂


5 thoughts on “Chanel Inspired Nail Design

  1. Super cute manicure! =) The flower accent nail is adorable.

    Just be careful with your tags on Etsy, sometimes when you use a trademarked name in your tags they’ll deactivate the item until you remove the tag.

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