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Deborah Lippmann Gilt Haul Swatches & Review Part 2


Here is Part 2 of our Deborah Lippmann nail polish haul from The deal was too good that we couldn’t resist to buy another set! It was $49.00 for a set of 5 full-size bottles but we used a Visa one-time only coupon code to get an additional 25% off the purchase. You can check out the coupon code here. The total damage including shipping and tax came out to be $44.70 for 5 Deborah Lippmanns! Even though you cannot choose the colors but it was still worth it.

The following set we purchase is already sold out on Gilt but you can still find other sets including the previous set we bought on here.

This glitter set include the followings (in order): Happy Birthday, Superstar, I love the Nightlife, Let’s go Crazy, & Today was a Fairytale

deborahlippmann gilt set

Superstar is a surprisingly gorgeous copper/brown glitter. To be honest, this was the nail color that I didn’t really like from looking at the swatches online. I thought Superstar would just be the filler color for this set, BUT it turned out soooooooooooooo beautiful! 😀 I was totally in awe because it looked so amazing in person. I never thought that I would love wearing a brown/chocolate color.  The glitters in Superstar is so nice and the neutral brown goes well easily with any outfits I am wearing. Photographs really can’t justify how amazing Superstar looks. The application was really good, and the dry time was extremely fast. I like how it looks with 2 layers but you can go 3 for full opacity against the light. A true “Show Stopping Copper Flecked Fudge” by Deborah Lippmann.



1 layer


2 layers under florescent light

Happy Birthday is, in my opinion, one of Deborah Lippmann’s most famous glitters. This “party in a bottle” consists of hexagon and small rounded glitters in red, hot pink, yellow, green, cyan, and silver. I might have missed a color because there is just too much! I’ve always wanted to own this nail polish because it is so colorful and fun! The formula is kind of different from other glitters I have tried. You need to sort of dab the glitters on the nails and place them to your liking a bit. The clear base is not gooey at all so it was pretty easy to place the glitters. The dry time wasn’t too bad and you can get a good amount of glitters with just 1 coat. I’ll recommend this nail polish to anyone who loves glitter and colors. Also, the name makes it perfect for a birthday present!


a close-up of the glitters inside the bottle


Today was a Fairytale contains Virgin Diamond Powder. Sound fancy, right? 😛 I am not sure how the diamond powder affects the nail polish but it certainly makes the polish more special. This glitter reminds me of Essie’s Set in Stones alot but without the clear base. DL describes it as a “silvery blue starlight.” You can see the blueish/gray base more visible over white nail polish. I’ll probably not pay the full price $20.00 for this nail polish because there are other more unique Deborah Lippmann nail polishes I’d rather get. Still love it by itself or over black though!



I Love the Nightlife is a large steal hexagon glitter polish with a clear base. I like the graphite color of the glitters and the larger size. The glitters are very reflective it almost felt like they’re mirrors. However, I am not so sure as to how to wear this glitter. I guess I like it over black or fully layered. It would also be interesting to try jelly layers or glitter placement with this nail polish. The dry time was normal and you still need to use the dab method to place the glitters better.



Let’s Go Crazy is pretty much Happy Birthday glitters in a dark purple creme or “outrageous royal purple.” I love this one! It takes about 2 coats for full opacity and the purple almost look like black. The best part about this polish is how the wonderfully colorful glitters shines through the purple base, subtle yet sparkly! If you’d like a lighter purple, layering it over a purple base color would be ideal. The formula and dry time were both nice. It’s a definitely a great nail polish to wear on its own. This may just be my favorite purple nail polish! 😀




1 layer


2 layers


Have a sparkling week!

-a gilty charme


2 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann Gilt Haul Swatches & Review Part 2

    • Ah, I’ve been wanting to try Rainbow Connection but it’s hard to find here! I only see it online for a Deborah Lippmann polish price. & Yes, DH glitters got wonderful jelly/depth look. It’s really pretty!

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