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Deborah Lippmann Gilt Haul Swatches & Review Part 1

image had a sale on Deborah Lippmann polishes back in March for almost 50% off,  it was impossible to resist these gorgeous shades at that price!

These retails from $17 – $19 for 0.5 fl.oz. on Deborah Lippmann’s online shop, and as of this post, still has them for sale at $49 for a set of 5. [our referral link if you don’t mind giving us some Gilt credit!]

Glamorous Life is a soft, metallic rose gold that borderlines on champaign. As with all metallic finish polishes I’ve had, it’s very difficult to make the brush strokes invisible on these, but honestly it doesn’t bother me that much. The formula is great, two coats for full coverage and the dry time is minimal. This is probably the metallic polish I’d wear by itself because the color is so soft and subtle, I love it! image

Amazing Grace is a bright white creme, if you’re looking for the whitest of whites, this is it. The formula is very good compared to some of the other white polishes I have, two coats will provide full coverage. I probably wouldn’t wear this alone, but I could see this as a great base color for nail designs that need a blank canvas. image

Glitter in the Air is the bottle that made me purchase this entire set. The blue & copper hexagon glitter suspended in sheer blue base is just too adorable in the bottle! I was a bit disappointed that the blue base doesn’t really show once it’s on the nails. This one is very sheer, I used three coats for the photos, I would recommend layering this over a light blue polish to achieve the same color as it appears in the bottle. Formula was good, dried fairly fast considering I had three coats. image image

Fashion is a neutral / nude creme that hinges on slightly more yellow / khaki compared to the pink hues I’m used to seeing in OPI’s Tickle My France-y or Essie’s Lady Like. This polish would be a perfect balance to any bright summer shades you’d wear! As for the forumla, fast drying time and two coats for full coverage. image

Last but not least is Stairway to Heaven. This is essentially a glitter top coat with a mixture of square and round clear glitter that shines in different colors under the sun. The glitter is fairly dense, you could probably get away with one coat and have enough glitter on your nails. I personally am reluctant to wear glitter, but I love to buy glitter polishes because they are just so pretty in the bottle!

Photos below: Stairway to Heaven over Amazing Grace. image image

Photos below: Stairway to Heaven over Fashion. image image


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