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Glitter Nail Polish Removal Solution: Target’s Nail Polish Remover Dip-It!


Happy Easter!

We love glitters and we all have heard horror stories when it comes to removing glitters off your nails. Today we’ll share with you our favorite solution for glitter nail polish removal: Target‘s up & up  Nail Polish Remover Dip-It!

So I’ve been wearing these glitter nails for about a week now and it’s about time to take them off. Colors I used include Essie Set in Stones & e.l.f. Coral Dream.


Here’s the bottle of the remover dip-it.





As you can see here, the bottle include these built-in plastic bristle brushes.This design made removing nail polishes so much easier. It saved us so much time and cotton balls! The bottle comes with sealed plastic to prevent the acetone from vaporizing or leaking.


1. Soak your nail in it! 😀

Twist & turn or rub your nails up & down.


2. It took about 2 seconds for the nail colors to come off.


3. Soak/scrub a little bit more. You can see  all the smaller glitters coming off already.


4. After about 30 seconds of soaking, I just easily removed the larger glitters by scraping them with my finger.

Voilà! Clean nails and it was super easy!


More pictures:




It took me about 10 minutes to remove all my nail polishes. I didn’t have to go through with having cotton balls being stuck on my nails or looking silly with my fingers wrapped in foil papers. The dip-it does make your fingers dry but so does all acetone products. Just make sure you wash your hands and give yourself some good cuticle pampering afterwards!

Another good thing with this product is that you can always replace the acetone inside if you think it’s dirty or the acetone has weakened overtime.

Overall, we think Target’s Nail Polish Remover Dip-It is a wonderful product and a great solution for removing glitter nail polishes.

It retails for around $3 at my local Target and you can search if your Target carries it here.

happy charme


8 thoughts on “Glitter Nail Polish Removal Solution: Target’s Nail Polish Remover Dip-It!

  1. Awesome I have been looking all over for a version of this in Ireland, removing glitter nail polish is the bane of my life! Looks so pretty going on, coming off it’s a nightmare. I did a post on a peel off base by Essence that you can put on before glitter to protect your nails, and when you want to take it off you just peel it right off, the links here if you want to check it out!

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