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Punk Style Studs with Gold Glitter Accent Nail


This is the second time I studded my nails, I absolutely love this design but unfortunately don’t use it often because the studded texture really hurts if you accidentally rub it against your face/skin.

For the studs, I used gold 0.5mm microbeads I bought from etsy. I personally prefer the 0.5mm to the 1mm beads because they appear more proportionate when placed on the smaller nails on your pinky. Since the beads are so tiny, it’s hard to pick them up even with tweezers. To pick up and place the beads, I used a tooth pick dipped in a little bit of water. The moisture on the tooth pick helps stick the beads to the tip, for easy placement onto the wet nail polish.

I previously made a set of FALSE NAILS with this same design, I think if you don’t want to have studs accidentally scratching up your skin, wearing false nails and removing them at the end of the day would be a great alternative.

Colors I used: 
OPI / Black Onyx
OPI / Golden Eye




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