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Pandas & a Cat


Happy weekend! First week of work went by faster than I thought (thankfully). I feel really grateful for the weekend, lol.

I’ve been trying to be conservative with my nails for work so I started out the week with an easy french nail manicure, some pretty glitters China Glaze Fairy Dust and Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope  with white and pink tips, simple! 

The glitters are very pretty but it was hard to capture it with my phone but you get the idea from seeing the gorgeous colors in the bottle. 😛



Anyways, as the week advances, I decided to transform the simple french mani into panda nails! PANDAS! They’re so cute and probably the funniest animal on earth beside cats. 😀

It’s my first time doing panda nails so it’s kind of sloppy, but I tried my best. When I was taking photos, I realized how the middle finger looked like a cat instead of a panda…. Accident? Of course not! It was totally intended. Also I couldn’t decide on what type of eyes to paint so I sort of tried different eyes on each finger. I think they’re all pretty cute. 😛

What’s used:


essie Cascade Cool

essie Blanc

essie Licorice

china glaze Fairy Dust

small dotting tool

small brush


Here’s the sneaky cat in panda disguise.

I think eating Panda Express this week gave me the inspiration to do panda nails. Not very healthy but orange chicken tasted so good.

Have a fulfilling weekend!

-from a pandalicious charme


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