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Julep Spring Mystery Box Review


I first heard of Julep Maven subscription boxes not too long ago, but eventually decided against subscribing to them. Even though I like the idea of mystery boxes, I don’t like the idea of a monthly $20 commitment. So when I saw Julep had a Spring Mystery Box for sale for a one time payment of $24.99, I just couldn’t resist and bought it immediately.

Well, my box arrived today, and I can honestly say it was utter disappointment. My box was categorized box 1, and it came with:

  • 3 Julep nail polishes, Lauren/Ashley/Camille
  • a tube of Julep Daylight Defense
  • 1 packet of One- Step Polish Remover
  • a nail file
  • 3 hair tie things
  • a little cloth bag
  • 3 chocolate eggs

The box promises $70 – $200 worth of products, and I guess 3 polishes + daylight defense is exactly $70 at retail price, and if you add the other trinkets it exceeds the minimum promised value of $70.

I’m rather disappointed with this box because for me personally, I don’t think the box is worth the money. Hair ties, nail file and chocolate eggs are pretty much freebies that doesn’t worth much, so lets focus on the main products I got.

Out of the three polishes, I only kind of like the glittery Camille, and I probably will not be using the day light defense. I feel like I paid $25 for 1 glitter polish and a bunch of useless items. Plus, Julep polishes are only 0.27 oz, about half the size of most other nail polishes. The wording  that’s printed on the glass bottles are rubbing off too, for such pricey polishes I expected better quality in packaging.

That said,  I don’t necessarily regret buying this box, it did satisfy my curiosity towards beauty mystery boxes. However, I’m pretty certain I will not be purchasing another one from Julep in the future, it’s much easier to go into a beauty shop to spend money on nail polishes I actually like.


2 thoughts on “Julep Spring Mystery Box Review

  1. I like the pink nail polish color you received. I’ve been on the fence about Julep. If you’re more into the nail polish (opposed to hand cream and other related products), then I suggest checking out SqaureHue.

    – KW

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