Nail Design

Little Piggy Nails


Ten little piggies, one for each nail!

This was my first attempt drawing piggies, they turned out better than I had expected.
Colors I used:

  • Essie / Mademoiselle for base color (two coats)
  • Dare To Wear / Pink Lady for light pink
  • China Glaze / Life Is Rosy for the darker pink
  • Essie / Picket Fence for white
  • OPI / Black Onyx for black

I used a small dotting tool to draw the ears, for me, it was easier to use the dotting tool than a small brush. I love piggies and this super cute design.

However, if you want to try the design yourself, I would recommend skipping the base color (Mademoiselle) since it doesn’t really add anything to the design, and slows down the drying time considerably. Some of the piggy noses has wrinkles on them from me doing laundry a few hours after painting them.




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