Review & Swatch

Swatches of Select Colors from China Glaze Up & Away Collection


I purchased these three colors on two separate occasions while looking for a soft yellow without realizing they are from the same China Glaze’s Up & Away Collection. All photos below are two coats under natural light.

Happy Go Lucky –  this is a very primary yellow, I originally bought it to match the color of  Jake from Adventure Time. Two coats for full coverage, the forumla did feel a bit goopy, making application a little difficult.

Peachy Keen – a lovely peach color. The beauty supply shop was a bit dim so I actually bought this color thinking it was coral. (I just grabbed it without even checking the name!) But it’s definitely a peachy color under brighter light, it reminds me of orange cream soda for some reason. Love the color, especially I don’t have any peaches in my collection. Formula is great, two coats for full coverage.

Lemon Fizz – finally, the creamy soft yellow I was looking for. I’m usually not crazy about pastels but this yellow is just too cute! Formula on this is not bad, two coats for full coverage and it wasn’t goopy or runny.


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