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Essie Good As Gold Swatch & Review


Essie Good As Gold is from the Mirror Metallics collection, a collection that gives your nails a chrome finishing.

Gold As Gold is my favorite gold nail polish so far, I like that it’s not too yellow.
You will see why the collection is named Mirror Metallics when you see the pictures.


The above picture is 1 coat with no flash.

It is difficult to see flaws from the picture because of the metallic finish, however if you look closer, the brush strokes are rather obvious and uneven coverage.


Picture above on the left is 2 coats with no flash, and without topcoat.
Picture above on the right is 2 coats with flash, and without topcoat

You can see with two coats. the coverage is more even and the brush strokes less obvious.
Gold is a color that can be easily matched, especially if you have a collection of deep, cool shades.

If you are aiming to get a metallic, chrome finishing colour, go for Essie.
Current best metallic colour in the market, which gives you the “real” chrome feeling.

A new, fun, cool color to carry, not recommend for job interviews.



– Nice gold color.
– Smooth shiny metallic chrome finishing.
– Rapid dry (dries within about 30 seconds of application).
– One coat for fairly opaque coverage.


– Difficult to apply – prone to visible brush strokes.
– Nail ridges will be visible due to thin coats.


This color / collection may causes some troubles for some polish lovers.
Read the following tips for an easier path to smooth metallic nails.

1. Make sure your nail surface is smooth either by buffering your nail or use a ridge filling base coat.

2. Clean and dry your nail completely, minor flaws such as dusts are easily visible with metallic colors.

3. Because of the rapid drying, work each coat quickly – the faster the less visible brush strokes.

4. Don’t try to repeatedly brush over the visible strokes in attempt to fix it, you will make it worse. When you see brushstrokes on the first coat, just leave it. Do NOT try to fix it. Wait until your nail is completely dry, then apply the 2nd coat will help you fix the strokes.


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