Review & Swatch

Rimmel London English Rose Swatch & Comparison to CHANEL April


This Rimmel London English Rose polish was purchased at the same time as the Steel Grey one during a special offer,  for $4.49, you get the polish and a base coat/top coat dual. I bought this one half heartily hoping it would be a dupe for the Chanel April because I was running and couldn’t justify paying so much for another.

After swatching them both, I would say that although they look like they’re from the same family of red, English Rose is not quite a dupe for April. It’s lighter and softer in comparison, but a beautiful shade nonetheless.

Rimmel advertises the polish to last up to 10 days, but considering I rarely ever wear the same nail polish for more than a week, this wouldn’t really be a concern. The forumla is wonderful though, and two coats dried fairly quickly. Like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, this brush is rounded off which makes the application so much easier along the curve of your cuticles, I wish more brands would make their brushes like this.


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