Tutorial: Water Marble Nails


Every water marble nail is unique with designs.
It is always eye catching and trendy and you will never bump into someone who had the same design(s).

What do you need ?

– Tape ( any kind of tape would be good, masking tape will be even better)
– Some toilet paper ( folded into a nice rectangular )
– 1-2 toothpicks
– Plastic cup/ container ( disposable BBQ plastic cup would be nice, and u can re-use next time)
– Nail polish you need (2 to 3 colours ) + your favourite base & top coat



1. Add water into the plastic cup, make sure its room temperature, about 80 – 85% full.


2. There are two options here

Option 1: you can either put your base coat, and wait until ur nails are completely dry.
Option 2: put your base coat and 1 layer of another colour of your choice.

3. Put tape around your nails to avoid the big mess,
make sure you have tape cover both the edges and the bottom part of the finger


4. Get your polish ready and put a drop of the polish A into the water and another drop of polish B into the water.
Repeat the above steps and your container will look like this.

5. Drawing on the water

Now put your toothpick into the water at the outer layer and slowly move toward the other side.
Repeat the above step for other space you wanted to.
Do not lift your toothpick until it reaches the end of the cup.


6. Choose the pattern you want and slowly put your nail (finger) in.
Now you need to use a toothpick and clean the other polish.
Do not lift your finger until the water is clean.



7. Clean up the mess

After doing your left hand, clean up the mess before you start your other hand.
carefully take down the tapes, then use a cotton swab with polish remover to clean the edges.


8. Put your favourite top coat to make it shinny and long-lasting



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