Review & Swatch

OPI Euro Centrale Collection Swatches

OPI Euro Centrale was definitely a collection I looked forward to before it was released, the bright colors are just so eye catching andĀ irresistible!
I actually purchased these colors the week they were released, but just didn’t have the time to swatch all the colors until now. (Although this is not the complete collection, I didn’t like the shimmers, and You’re Such a BudaPest was sold out the two times I went to the beauty store…)

OPI…Eurso Euro is a brilliant shade of blue, it’s actually much brighter in person. I really really love this color, probably my favorite one to wear by itself out of this entire collection. The formula is really smooth and opaque, this is two coats.

My Vampire is Buff is a creamy off white. From the pictures I’ve seen on other blogs, it’s actually very close to Lime Crime’s Milky Way. This is also another color I absolutely love, and am very glad OPI released a color like this. For the longest time I’ve been debating whether or not to buy LC milky way, but I didn’t want an odd bottle sitting in my drawer. The formula on this one is just slightly streaky, took me three coats to smooth it out, but the color is so lovely that I don’t even care.

My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours! This was one of the colors I’m not so crazy about, I think OPI categorizes this under red, but I think in person it’s definitely more orange than red. The formula is very good, two coats for full coverage, it’s also slightly shimmery if you look closely.

Can’t Find My Czechbook is beautiful light blue, and I love the name, it’s a great alternative to all the typical pastel-y spring colors. Great formula, two coats for full coverage.

I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw is a darker, dustier blue, it’s good to see some darker colors mixed into a spring collection. Great formula, I think if you tend to do thicker coats, you could probably get away with one coat for full coverage. This is also a color I think could be worn year round, great for all seasons.

Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN! is a light pink that is slightly shimmery, I didn’t know it had shimmer until I painted it on my nails. I’m usually not super crazy about brighter pinks, but this one is actually very cute, the photo might seem a bit neon-y, but it’s definitely not neon in person. This one was three coats for full coverage in photo, but it might because my first coat was way too thin.

Vant To Bite My Neck? is a gorgeous deep purple, it’s actually my first dark purple polish and I absolutely love it. I had the hardest time photographing this color, and it looks much darker in this photo than in person. In person, it’s actually very obvious it’s purple where as in this photo, one might mistaken it as some kind of black polish.
This is Vant To Bite My Neck under the sun, and the color is still not quite purple. I took many photos and just couldn’t get the right color for this one!

Lastly, this is I honestly bought this because I love the name, and the glittery bottle looked super cute. I don’t know why I keep buying this kind of glitter top coats because I rarely ever wear them.

Overall, this collection is everything I hoped for, and the formulas are pretty good for all the colors I’ve purchased. My mild OCD is making me want to buy the rest of the colors to complete the collection, but I honestly don’t know if I would ever really wear those shimmers.


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