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Rimmel Steel Grey and Base/Top Coat Swatch & Review


 This is my first Rimmel London nail polish and I think I love it! I was also surprised to find out that it got pretty high ratings on MakeUpAlley here. Rimmel’s Lasting Finish PRO – Steel Grey is a really classy and elegant neutral color. The color is more of a taupe with a hint of purple. The formula is very good and it only needed 2 coats to be opaque. The drying time wasn’t too bad either.


The set I purchased included Steel Grey and the Rimmel Base/Top Coat PRO. The Lasting Finish line suppose to be “super durable chip resistant” and lasts up to 10 days. I’ve read reviews say that these can last about a week no problem. The brush for both Steel Grey and the Base/Top coat are rounded and a bit bigger than your normal brushes. I think the rounded brush made it super easy to apply and to make a smooth curve along the cuticles. I did not need to do any clean-ups at all!


L: 2 coats without topcoat (flash)     R: 2 coats without topcoat (without flash)


L: 2 coats with topcoat (flash)     R: 2 coats with topcoat (without flash)

The Base/Top Coat of this set is better than what I expected. I’ve been pretty spoiled with instant dry topcoats but this Rimmel one was actually pretty nice because the drying time as a top coat wasn’t too bad at all! And it’s alot more shinny/glossy in person than in the photographs. It take a longer time to dry if you want to use it as a base coat  but it does give your nails a nice smooth canvas to paint with.

Oh by the way, I found this set for only $4.49 at Walgreen. Not a bad deal for a great color and a base/top coat!


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