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Teal Ombré Nails


(Please excuse the acetoned dry/dirty fingers)

An attempt at dark colored Ombré nails! It turned out better than I thought and it was easier to do than light colored Ombrés.

What’s used:

Essie Go Overboard
elf Sea Escape
elf Dazzle Diva
Q tips
cleaning brush
makeup sponge
acetone/nail polish remover


1. Base coat!

2. Apply the colors to the sponge and dab the sponge on your nails. Didn’t need to apply a color/white base first because the colors are very pigmented and dark.

3. Reapply the nail polishes on the sponge as needed and continue to gently dab onto the nails 2~3 times (remember not to dab too hard or it might ruin the drying nails). Now you should have something like this!


4. Now the hardest part is to clean up this mess by using Q tips, brush tool, and acetone. Use the Q tip and acetone to clean up the majority of the polish


5. Pour out some acetone in a small container and use the brush to clean up the remaining polishes on the sides and your cuticles for a cleaner look

6. Wait for your nails to dry and apply top coat. Finished!

(this is my right hand & yes I have to do more clean-up on my hand :D)

Ombré nails are pretty fun to do after you get the hang of it. You can mix and experience with pretty much any colors you want. It’s also a good way to use polish colors you don’t normally wear on it’s own.

The 2 e.l.f. nail polishes I used turned out surprisingly nice for this Ombré. I can’t really capture the true colors with my phone but here it is. 20130223-170228.jpg
E.l.f. Sea Escape. A dark blue, almost black, color with purple/teal/blue shimmers. So subtle and pretty!

E.l.f. Dazzle Diva is an interesting silver, green/teal and pink shimmer color. Very cute.

I know people have mixed feelings toward E.l.f. nail polishes for various reasons. I should post a review on the mini collection I got and the pros/cons soon.

-have a wonderful Ombré weekend!


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