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Review: Jessica Gold Leaf Luxe 18k Topcoat

Ever since I saw OPI’s The Man with the Golden Gun, I’ve been wanting to buy a gold leaf top coat. I couldn’t justify paying so much for one nail polish, and eventually they were sold out unless you were willing to pay a premium for it on Amazon/ebay. I then looked into Zoya’s gold leaf top coat, but that was long gone too, but luckily I spotted this little black box on my trip to the beauty shop today!

I’ve yet to try a Jessica’s polish, and the design and quality of the bottle looked kind of iffy, but after all it’s the gold leaf top coat I’ve been looking for. image
This is one coat over essie’s Where’s My Chauffeur, I think it’s a bit difficult to get a good amount of gold leaf without layering on a big glob, which means longer drying time. I was eager to try this out so perhaps I was being a bit impatient, maybe two thin coats of this would help with the gold leaf distribution, but I think this looks great even with just one coat.

Jessica Gold Leaf Luxe 18k Topcoat retails for $29.95 and can be purchased through their website



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