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Candy Crush Saga Nails

Everyone I know is addicted to Candy Crush Saga, and I am so addicted to the game that I had to paint it on my nails! I feel very nerdy. 😀

I used the Essie Bikini so Teeny as the base color and a white base on the thumb for the logo. I used the painting white polish to do the stripes on the candies and painted the chocolate candy with a small dotting tool. I had to use the mechanical pencil to do the Candy Crush words.
What was used:


-now back to more Candy Crushing


5 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga Nails

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    • thanks hun! mechanical pencils are the ones that use leads and you dont have the sharpen. The leads are really thin so I thought I’d use it to do nails when I didn’t have a legit brush. =)

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