Prabal Gurung for TARGET Inspired Nails

The Prabal Gurung for Target collection is finally released yesterday! I fell in love with his floral print design and I had to do a nail art inspired by it. You can find this bold and pretty print on the lovely dress, jacket, shorts and tops. I was able to spot the tops at my local Target store yesterday. Should definitely check it out in person if you’re interested


photo (2)

Anyways, here is what I used for this design:

photo (6)

Basically, you want to have base/top coats, 2-3 different hues of reds, pink, blue and yellow & a white nail polish as you base. I used the small dotting tool to create the flowers and the small brush to clean up the edges.


1. Base coat & paint your nails white!

2. Here I used pink, hot pink & purple nail polishes to create different flowers. Be free and abstract with the flowers and have fun!

photo (4)

3. Mixed some yellow/white/lime polishes to create more flowers

photo (5)

4. Add in the blue & orange flowers & filled up the accent nails with more flowers

photo (7)

5. Wait for the nails to dry completely and apply topcoat & you’re done!


This design was very fun to do because I got to play with all the different flamboyant colors. The actual print in person looked way brighter than the press photographs. Overall, I love the Prabal Gurung for Target collection. Hope you enjoyed this design! Spring colors & flowers & LOVE.


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